I visited several trade fairs, business congresses and conferences over the past couple of years. Almost everywhere you see the same scene: thousands of printed schedules, information flyers and event maps. All of you who already joined similar events might know, that this paper chaos is impractical and rather annoying. The article will guide you to the find an easy, modern and eco friendly app solution for your event, that will have a huge impact on the event experience for your customers like attendees, speakers and exhibitors (for a better understanding: participants).

First, why do I need an app at all?

If your conference, business congress or trade fair counts 500+ estimated participants and you therefore count yourself to the bigger player in your area as well as in your working field, your event program might extend to a whole day or even a few days in a row — this also could lead to run several schedules at the same time.

Usually all participants will have access to a printed version of the schedule, the conference plan, the speakers, the exhibitors and so on as — well as an online access to pdf files of all needed information. Why should I use an app instead?

It’s inefficient. That’s why you’ll need an appropriate app solution in 2020. Especially if your event has a tech context, you’ll need an app that stands above all!

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